Mornin' coffee

Coffee Inspired

As I was checking my mail this morning, while having my hot plain black, I was quite inspired by the joy that liquid gave me. As a huge coffee addict, I can’t imagine even one single day without it. The moment I take a sip is the moment my brain starts working.


It’s interesting that I quite often meet people who don’t like to have coffee at all, and it surprises me every damn time. How’s that even possible? (I apologize :D) I find that coffee isn’t just a simple drink that half of the world is addicted to. To me, it’s kind of ritual, a bond that brings people closer. And all of a sudden, I came across this picture:


It inspired me to make my own collage, just a little gift for my friends, to remind us of our random stories and infinite slurping.


And for you guys, I’ve found some of the best recipes on the web.

1. Skinny Vanilla Iced Coffee

2. Mocha Coconut Iced Coffee

3. Chai Orange Latte

4. Frozen Thai Iced Coffee

Have fun making!


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